Name Skill Level Comments
Drew Bertola Recreational Player Bring it on!
Ja Ruangsuk Novice Player My first trip to Colorado – just for Gil!
Tim Bertola Experienced Competitor C’mon Gil, partner with me!!
Gil Gomis Experienced Competitor The honoree and the best player of course
Silvita Kjolseth Recreational Player sweeeeeeet!! Ready to Play!!!
Tim Pickard Experienced Competitor kick your ass one last time
Vicki Moore Experienced Competitor
Sergi Gomis Experienced Competitor
Kurt Fuhrman Experienced Competitor
Bob Haney Experienced Competitor
Tom Vernon Recreational Player
Fanta Watson Recreational Player
Sylvain Hayoun Recreational Player is there a competition Saturday the 14th ?(and not the 16th)
Omar OURAHOU World Class Competitor hey ,i am from Morocco and i play since 1993 , iam good player and i would love to play in your tournement in the US .
Luni Tuni Noriega World Class Competitor yeaah!! lets go play some petanca!! :D I love playing it! But don’t forget take on best thermometer for baby and adults for preventing illness.
Tania Constipated Novice Player putting petanca balls up my ass is my favourite hobby! Someone wants to help me? Do I know you looni tuni? Your name rings me a bell….
Hendrik Ehlers Recreational Player I am looking for an old friend of mine named Tim Pickard who is from Boulder. As I found such a name on your site, could you kindly help to make contact? Hendrik Ehlers, Windhoek, Namibia, Africa
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