Boulder Petanca Club

Welcome to the Boulder Petanca Club website.

Check our events page for the latest on the August “Goodbye Gil” Tournament.
(Hint: what it says is that the tournament is on August 16th and you should sign up here.)

Here are some things to start us off…

We have 3 mailing lists (to subscribe, click on the name of the list):

  • BPC-Players: This list is a free-for-all discussion list for anyone interested in Petanca in the Boulder, Colorado area. Traffic on this list will be light to medium.
  • BPC-Announce: This is an announcement only mailing list. Sign up to this list if you want to know about upcoming events, tournaments, activities, and results. Expect this to be very low traffic.
  • BPC-Organizers: This is an invitation only list for organizers of BPC events and activities. If you are not on this list but would like to be, please contact admin in ear thermometer.

You can view our photo gallery at unblock tech tv box with android phone.

You can read the latest BPC News here.

You can check out the Upcoming Events calendar here.